• Where to buy tickets?
      Tickets are available at all stations at the vending machines and sales stations at Reisebüro Berndt in Bad Bentheim and Neuenhaus and at VGB in Nordhorn, as well as online via the „FahrPlaner“ app and DB Navigator.


    • Can I get tickets from the staff on the train?
      Generally it is not permitted to sell tickets on the train. There is an exception in the event of a defective vending machine at the relevant boarding point.


    • What kind of payment do the ticket vending machines accept?
      The vending machines accept cash (coins and bills) as well as debit and credit cards (Mastercard/ Visa)


    • Who do I contact in the event of malfunctions?
      Our customer hotlines will help you in case of malfunctions. Telephone: 05921/8033-89


    • Can I take my bicycle with me?
      Yes, it is possible to take a bicycle with you. In exeptional cases (train is already full) the staff may refuse to tike the bicycle on board. Wheechairs have priority.
      A day ticket for bicycle is required.


    • I have lost something on the train. What should I do?
      Inform our customer service at 05921 / 8033 -89. Lost property can be picked up at the Office of Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG, Otto-Hahn-Straße 1, 48529 Nordhorn.


    • Who do I contact if I have problems buying a ticket?
      Our customer service will help you, contact: 05921 / 8033 -89


    • Who is responsible for the stations?
      BE Netz GmbH ist responsible for the stations.
    • Who decides on the timetable of Bentheimer Eisenbahn?
      The timetable is determined by the Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen (LNVG).



    • What offers can I find at the stations?
      At our stations the statt of Reisebüro Berndt is available to give you personal advice. In addition we offer a high quality of stay at the stations with the cafés.


    • Can I park my bicycle safely at the stations?
      There are covered bicycle parking facilities at the stations in Neuenhaus, Nordhorn and Bad Bentheim. In Bad Bentheim and Neuenhaus is also a locked area.


    • I am studying in Lower Saxony. Can I use my semester ticket to travel on the Bentheimer Eisenbahn?
      The semester ticket is valid on the trains of Bentheimer Eisenbahn. Unfortunately this ticket is not accepted on busses.


    • At what times can I reach the service hotline of Bentheimer Eisenbahn?
      You can reach our service hotline daily from 30 minutes before the first scheduledd train ride until 30 minutes after the last scheduled train ride.


    • Where can I get information about the ticket pricing for my desired route?
      You can get the information from our service hotline and from our sales point at Reisebüro Berndt and VGB.


    • Do I have to pay parking fees at the stations?
      There are no parking fees at the stations in Neuenhaus and Nordhorn. The parking spaces at Bad Bentheim station are subject to charges.


    • Are rides in the driver´s cab of Bentheimer Eisenbahn possible?
      Unfortunately no. Due to legal regulations, we cannot offer cab rides.


    • What do I do if the vending machine is defective?
      In case of a defective vending machine, please inform our customer hotline. In this case you also have the option of purchasing the ticket directly from the train attendant.


    • Can I travel with my police service card on the Bentheimer Eisenbahn?
      Exerpt from the conditions of carriage:
      Law enforcement officers of the federal and state police in uniform are carried free of charge in the 2nd class in vehicles of the railroad companies.